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After the release of Vivi Melody's first album, What Fun, Vivi and her parents became Vivi Melody & Family and released, More Love. A graduate of LSU School of Design, Vivi decided to focus her creative energy on music. Vivi started singing at an early age. In fact, her first solo was in a Montessori School performance at age four. Throughout her life, Vivi has had the opportunity to influence many children in a positive way. She looks forward to continuing to do so through music.

What Fun, is a compilation of original children’s songs that appeal to children of all ages-birth to... , well, let’s just say, all ages. With songs that range from lyrics about bunnies to bluesy lyrics about bacon, it is sure to put a smile on the face of the listener.


More Love, is all about loving others, loving yourself and loving the environment. We had the help of some very talented friends on this album and has already won several songwriting awards.

Vivi, a New Orleans-born-girl, has always enjoyed entertaining children. “I’ve been working, together with my family, on this project for a little over a year. I think we’ve produced a CD that children, parents and grandparents will enjoy.”

Both, What Fun and More Love, are available on iTunes, Amazon,, through this website or via email.

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 Donald "Poppy" Villemez

Donald "Poppy" Villemez began playing music in local rock and roll bands in the New Orleans area in 1965. Over the years he has performed with some of the finest musicians in the New Orleans area and appeared on venues with such legends as Barbara Mandrell, The Temptations, Travis Tritt, The Four Lads, The Four Freshmen, The Styalistics, Clarence "Frogman" Henry, Ernie K. Doe, Benny Spellman, Helen Reddy, Peter Noone (Herman of the Hermits) and Danny Gans. He was inducted into the West Bank Musicians Hall of Fame in New Orleans in 2009. Poppy embarked on this new phase of his career as a song writer and performer of children's music in 2011.

"It is probably the most exciting and rewarding phase of my career."

Donald "Poppy" Villemez at poppy + the at symbol + vivimelody dot com.



"C.C" spent many years preparing for Vivi Melody and Family.  She started by cheering along during Poppy’s extensive music career and also by giving birth to Vivi and her brother, Donnie.  Through many careers, including motherhood, C.C. continued to encourage her family to pursue their musical and artistic talents.  Then one day a new career emerged, singing with Vivi and Family, and becoming the Goober puppeteer.  


 Goober - Purple Puppet, age 4

Goober started out in preschool, but that did not last long.  After extensive potty training, singing was the next logical step.  His delightful, purple personality is a wonderful contribution to the Vivi Melody and Family group.





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