1. My Little Green Bug 2. Saying I Love You 3. The Thing I Love Most 4. We Can Still Be Friends (featuring Billy David Millican) 5. More Love 6. All You Need Is Love (featuring Don "Poppy" Villemez) 7. My Wish For You (duet with Don "Poppy" Villemez) 8. Teacher For A Day 9. A Bushel And A Peck 10. Four Seasons 11. Recycle Song 12. Saturday 13. Fingers Under The Door 14. Keeping Friends 15. Magic In Our Soul Copyright 2015 "All You Need Is Love" was written by John Lennon and credited to Lennon-McCartney, 1967. "A Bushel And A Peck" was written by Frank Loesser, 1950. All other songs written by Donald Villemez, Sheryn Villemez & Kristen Villemez. BMI. Lead Vocals: Vivi Melody. Background Vocals: Don "Poppy" Villemez & Sheryn "CC" Villemez. Featured Vocals: Don "Poppy" Villemez & Billy David Millican. Additional Background Vocals: Prajoth D'Sa, "More Love". Banjo, Bass & Electric Guitar: Jay Griggs. 12-String Guitar: Don Villemez "All You Need Is Love". Mandolin: Dominic D'Cruz, "Four Seasons". Piano: Michael Lemmler. Drums: Doug Belote. Trumpet: Jeff Oster, "My Little Green Bug". Sound Engineering: Don "Poppy" Villemez & Jay Griggs. Additional Sound Engineering & Keyboard: Vanil Veigas. Mixing & Mastering: Vanil Veigas at Raveolution Studios, Bangalore, India. Recorded at Bobbie's Playroom, Louisiana & Aristotle Pro, Texas. Styling: Brittany Bourgeois. Photography: Donnie Villemez. Graphic Design: Kristen Villemez Graphic

1. Animal Parade 2. Ants In My Pants 3. Brush Your Teeth 4. Eat Your Broccoli 5. Mardi The Bunny 6. I Love You 7. I'm Gonna Be 8. Larry The Locomotive (with Poppy) 9. No Whining (featuring Sarah d'Hemecourt) 10. Do The Wobble Wobble (performed by Poppy) 11. Overtaken By The Bacon 12. We Can Make A Rainbow 13. We Like To Be With Our Friends 14. What Fun copyright 2011 Donald Villemez, Sheryn Villemez & Kristen Villemez Vivi Melody & Don "Poppy" Villemez-Vocals Jay Griggs-Bass & Guitar John Mahoney-Piano Lloyd Cambre-Drums Recorded in Bobbie's Playroom-Ponchatoula, LA Jay Griggs & Don Villemez-Mixing David Farrell-Mastering Donnie Villemez-Photography Kristen Villemez-Graphic Design

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