Happy Mardi Gras!


                                                                                            Merry Christmas!


                                                                                   Happy Halloween!


Vivi Melody      Vivi Melody


   Vivi Melody

"W H A T  F U N"


Vivi Melody Fan         

Happy and excited ViVi fan!                    My wonderful friend gave me this at my         ViVi and Poppy, doing what they do!

                                                                          first performance. So sweet!

                    Goober Vivi Melody     

                                                           This is Goober! A new Vivi Melody Cast Member.


                                                    Mardi The Bunny Vivi Melody

                                                                        Mardi The Bunny Cast Member!


 cereal Vivi Melody     Eat Your Broccoli, Mark  Vivi Melody

          He really wanted cereal, but he heard mom say.....                                           Eat your broccoli, Mark


                  Goober, CC, Me and Poppy singing at The Woodlands Mall Kids Day event.




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